Saturday, August 4, 2012

Jessi's Half Way to 50 Blog Hop

Happy Happy birthday to Jessi,
This is her half way to 50 blog hop, yeah shes 25 and
since shes too busy with school n work were throwing
a party on the blogs. 25 is not old to a lot of us but
remember when you were that age and you felt like it was
the end of your young adult life. For the hop today it's
birthday themed of course. You should of come from
Tahi's blog but if you just happened here head on over to
Make sure to follow along all the blogs in the hop and
comment as well. Plus I heard a rumor Jessi’s got
a giveaway.

 For my project I made

 this cute guinea pig birthday card. I made this because
I know Jessi loves guinea pigs! I cut the pieces out with
my cameo from a pattern I traced from an image
Jessi showed me. I used assorted items from my stash
and a few scraps to make this.

Head on over to see what Jaime made next.

 Here is the full line up in case you need directions
along the way. Thank you so much for hopping
to celebrate Jessi's BIG 25!


  1. oh that made me smile, that is tooo cute! Jessi is gonna love it!

  2. That is too super cute for words! Jessi is absolutely going to LOVE that!! :)

  3. Adorable!!! I love its little party hat!! TYFS


  4. Awwwww, this is just to cute, I love it!!!Super card and excellent job.

  5. Adorable!
    Miranda :)

  6. OMG this is so adorable... love love love it!!!

  7. What an adorable card. Jessi will love it. TFS.
    dmcardmaker (AT aol DOT com)

  8. That is just adorable! Hoppy Birthday to Jessi! While in college I babysat the Daycare's Guinea pig and her name was Zippity! Because she was so happy she would whistle all the time and race around when the kids would come say hello to her! daughter Jessica goes by Jessi for short! Thanks for sharing your hoppy little critter!


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